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St. Mary’s School is a day school located in serene, verdant surroundings spread over an impressive campus in the Cantonment area of Pune. Under its banner, it has separate sections for Girls, Boys and a Co-ed Junior College.

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' Even though it has been in existence for 150 years, St. Mary’s School has always maintained a standard of un-impeachable integrity and has made sure that each and every student that passes through its doors faces the outside world with a sound character.

Owing to strong academics, top-notch and varied extra and co-curricular activities, and consequently the exemplary performance of our students, both in and outside school, St. Mary’s treasures the reputation of being rated as one of the best schools in India.

Hardwork, determination and enthusiasm form the backbone of every Maryite. No matter what the outcome of an event might be, a Maryite’s spirit is never dampened - she gears up for another day - to try again and again until she is the best.

The school aims to provide the best of Indian and Western values, as well as the timeless ancient and the progressive modern. The aim of our school is to give its students a sound moral education while devoting special attention to their intellectual, social, physical and emotional development.

St. Mary’s creates and sustains a school atmosphere where the values of love, freedom, sincerity and respect are experienced and lived out by all and where striving for excellence at the level of one's potential is an essential element.

St. Mary’s has given me an identity and courage to pursue my dreams. St. Mary’s has given me a second home and the motto “I SERVE” which has been with me for the last 13 years and will stay with me for life.'
Rajnandini Thopte
Head Girl (2015-2016)

St. Mary's School

5B, General Bhagat Marg, Camp, Pune, Maharashtra, India 411001

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